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I am here to share our love, knowledge and experiences of waldorf in the home including holistic toys, crafts and food. My goal is also to share helpful tips on natural parenting and healthy play.


You’ll find a little bit of everything here but always focusing on the magic of childhood and importance of play. Helping families live in harmony with each other and with nature. Surrounding ourselves in beauty and peace.

My husband Gerhard, our four kids and I live in America’s heartland on a small, in-town acreage in Iowa – but that is pretty new. We are still grounding after an international move from Germany. This is not an understatement, an international move is WAY different than a normal move, but that is a whole different story!


I have to warn you: I LOVE TO CRAFT. I’m a felter, a crocheter, a weaver, a doll maker, and a transparent-window-art-maker – yeah I just made that title up, not really sure how else to describe it.


– I can not function with out making a list out of everything.

– Walking barefoot all summer makes me feel happy

– I’m a daily Smoothie Drinker.

– I tend to say “Yes” before I think things through. This can be a positive and/or negative trait.

– I’m a tree hugger.

– I believe in gnomes.

– I don’t like riding bikes.

– It is extremely important to me to be on time, which has gotten to be a challenge with each new child that has come into my life.

– I have a passion for native tribes. I admire other cultures and love learning from them.

– I am a book fanatic


Wow, it was actually harder to write that list than I thought it would be. Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve come to dread the question: “What is your hobby?” Like, because I have so much free time?!

Acorns and Twigs - About me

We are unschoolers currently – continuing in our path of Waldorf rhythms and traditions we have grown to love from the german kindergarten our children attended.


Unfortunately, it is illegal to homeschool in Germany. So we packed our bags and came back to my home state – because there was no way in heck, we were going place our children in a school setting. Not even if it was a Waldorf one.

Don’t get me wrong, we are big believers in waldorf pedagogy and we try are darn best to implement it at home. We are following a waldorf homeschool curriculum. Well, actually we are planning to, as soon as our life gets back to a “normal”. Ok, this could also just be procrastination, because unschooling just seems to better fit our lives right now…


I tend to put things off until they are perfectly prepared. This has caused some (mhm, ok, most) of my projects to never even get started. I am working on that. Acknowledging the issue, is a good first step, right?


Thus far in our parenting journey, we have enjoyed several “alternative” options such as Home Birth, Hypno-Birthing, Breast Feeding, Cloth diapers, Diaper-free babies, Baby Wearing, Attachment Parenting, Baby led Weaning, Family Bed – to name a few.


Although these topics seem to be trendy, that is not our goal – it just is a simple given for me and my husband. And it is exciting to see so many parent’s looking for other options. Going out side of their “norm”. Exploring new ideas. And sharing their experiences.


I am glad you are here and hope we can help each other on this amazing, exciting venture we are on!


P.S. if you really think we are awesome and you just can’t get enough of us, check out this article about how destiny has brought us where we are today. to read more!

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